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Happiness is a feeling of positivity. When someone is feeling good, proud, successful, positive, friendly, that person is said to be "happy".
Feeling happy may make the person relax and smile. Happiness begins with a smile.

Here's some tips to be happy! Enjoy! :)

Things you may do Description
Choose happiness
Life is a series of choices that we make on a daily basis. Whether we want to be a horrible or friendly person depends on our choices. It is important to realise that while your current circumstances can greatly influence your choices, it is still your choices that can bring about a better day!
Chasing your goals
Each one of us probably have a goal in our minds that read something like this: exercise more regularly, eating healthier food, sleeping more regularly or even taking better care of oneself. These can be difficult to accomplish since life always presents us with multiple choices and it is in our nature to choose the easier option. It is perfectly normal to make less optimal choices though if we commit to make 1 positive choice each day, things may start to turn for the better!
Be grateful
Gratefullness is many things to many people. It is appreciation; It is looking on the bright side of life; It is thanking someone in your life; It is not taking things for granted. As such it is no surprise that being grateful or showing gratitude may promote happiness. So why not try to make a list of Top 3 things that you are grateful about today? Pratising gratitude not only lets you see the goodness in your life but also that it can come from a number of sources!
Spreading Happiness
Being positive and spreading happiness is a delibrate choice. Who were you kind to this week? Maybe you helped a family member with the house chores or maybe you were kind to yourself. There are a variety of ways that you can help others and yourself. No matter how big or small it is, it is important. It makes the community of people and animals that you are a part of, a happier place to live in.

"Dreams don't become a reality unless you do something about it!" - Smiiley & Smiiles

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