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25th May 2020
I have a new game spotlight Rakuen!
16th May 2020
Week 8 on "Happiness" island! Friends on Happiness Island!Check it out here!
7th May 2020
Week 7 on "Happiness" island! A Birthday Party!Check it out here!
2nd May 2020
Week 6 on "Happiness" island! A fond farewell!Check it out here!
25th April 2020
Week 5 on "Happiness" island! Enjoying the simple things!Check it out here!
17th April 2020
Week 4 on "Happiness" island! Welcome Horizons!Check it out here!
10th April 2020
Week 3 on "Happiness" island! Hippity skippity, hoppity hop!Check it out here!
3rd April 2020
Week 2 on "Happiness" island! Wishing upon a shooting star!Check it out here!
29th march 2020
My weekly log of the things i have done on my "Happiness" island!Check it out here!
22nd march 2020
Animal crossing campsite! and Character Drawing Hype!Check it out here!
21st march 2020
Woohoo! First entry of the Animal Crossing Diary series!Check it out here!
20th march 2020
Since my copy of Animal Crossing hasn't arrive yet, i decided to read up on infection control measures!Check it out here!
15th march 2020
I have a new game spotlight Animal Crossing: New Horizon!
12th march 2020
I am creating a random story topic generator!
8th march 2020
I made a html website in the year 2020! This was inspired from watching Hoshidreams Twitch stream.