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Animal Crossing Diary!

Week 7: A Birthday Party in Happiness Island!

I finished paying off my home loans finally!
What an achievement!

Isabelle reminded me that it was Ozzie's birthday as well.

I went over to Ozzie's wooden lodge to visit him.

Ozzie nervously asked me whether he looked taller.

Then he mentioned that he used to get taller on birthdays

and that nowadays he just gets wider. hehe

I decided to give him a Peach as his birthday present. That is his favourite fruit!

Again Ozzie decided to crack a joke about him being Birthday Cake Ozzie!

Before i left, he mentioned to me that today's party was just the best.

We decided to pose for a picture before i left for home.

This event was memorable because i followed a Twitch streamer (Esteri)

Whoes significant other half (Ozzie) was celebrating his birthday as well!

Beware of Music volume before playing the video below

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