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Weather: Humid & Hot | Last Updated: 5th Month of the Year 2020

Animal Crossing Diary!

Week 8: Friends on Happiness Island!

The weather has been so hot lately on Happiness Island.

Norma kindly reminded me to drink more water throughout the day.

When i talked to Bree, she asked me whether i slept enough...

...I told her i was sleepy too...

She then advised me to go to sleep earlier,

though she mentioneds she doesn't follows her own advise

I found Bree walking about at night, She mentioned about polite greetings

Polite greetings can make others feel appreciated! I agreed

Sometimes the smallest gesture can make a person's day better!

Last weekend was Mother's Day!

Thanks to all the Mothers who love their children!

I went to Zebulunn's Island to sell some turnips this week! Thanks

I went to Sunny's Island to learn a golden item receipe too! Thanks

That is all for this week!

Remember to drink more, sleep early, say hello and appreciate people more!

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