The Smiiley Times

Weather: Sunny & Humid | 3rd Month of the Year 2020

Animal Crossing Diary!

Week 1: My campsite on Happiness Island

Celebrated the completion of Blatter's museum!

My new Koala villager! He is a little sleepy

Cobb is very friendly and hardworking! I have gotten like 2 craft receipe from him!

My new villager Norma! I haven't learn much about her yet.

I have been helping Nook's family alot and they have managed to build a minimart

I have met plenty of friend lately and gotten so many new fruits and items for my island!

I have caught plenty of rare fishes too! Tuna, Coal Fish, Oar Fish, Saw Toothed Shark,...!

Thats all for this week! :) Looking forward to next week when the Town Hall should be finished!

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