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Animal Crossing Diary!

Week 4: Welcome Horizons!

After a week of collecting easter eggs, it is finally Bunny Day!

Cobb looking hilarious in his easter dress.

Anabelle the Singing Anteater tells me about fishing easter eggs.

I won a Bronze Trophy for this week's fishing competition too!

Bones looking adorable, as he tells me a secret! Shhhussh...

Norma always helping me with watering my flowers!

Flo telling me she didn't want to over-eggs-ert herself :p

Diva the frog moved in this week! Look at all her Egyptian decorations!

Thankfully, I got more things done as compared to Diva

Happiness Island has a 4 star rating! Woohoo!

KK Slider finally decided to come to Happiness! Construction App Unlocked!

Living each day to the fullest, doing things i like, and having lots of fun indeed!

Thats all for this week! :)

I decided to draw my villagers! Thanks for reading!

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