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Animal Crossing Diary!

Week 6: A fond farewell!

Isabelle & Tom Nook told me about May Day
and then handed me a mysterious island ticket!

Wilbur flew me to the mysterious May Day Tour island.

Running around the maze was tiring.

After what felt like 20 minutes, I managed to reach Rover!
We chatted about the time when we met each other on the train!

When i got back to island Happiness,
Isabelle reminded me that Flo was leaving tomorrow.

Flo was thinking for some time about leaving island Happiness.

I rushed over to Flo's home to chat with her.

I recalled a memory where Flo challenged me to a treasure hunt!

She had given me a few minutes to find the treasure that she buried.

Thankfully, i managed to find the treasure in time!

I passed the treasure to Flo, after she congratulated me.

The treasure was a Cap that she wanted to give me.

That night will be part of my memory of Flo as i bid her a fond farewell

What a week it has been, full of fond memories to hold on :)

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